Lima: Elise arrives solo in Lima to a really rough hostel. She is still recovering from food poisoning and is having a rough night. She calls J in tears at midnight. The next morning, Elise transfers to a Westin where a doctor has offered to see her. Cipro is prescribed and taken - Elise admits that it isn't a viral infection and is cured instantly. J books a flight next day and meets up with Elise. Unfortunately this is where we make the decision that we need to continue our journey without Glenda. Glenda continues to be repaired in Quito while we journey on. Cody, a good friend, also joins us and is very confused to find us without Glenda in a Westin.

Cuzco: We have three mornings where we wake up between 330am-5am: Rainbow Mountain (beautiful but too many tourists. Also the guys following you up the mountain hoping you'll tap out and take a horse made us feel a bit like zoo animals), Machu Picchu (incredible!), and Humantay Lake (a favorite grueling uphill hike for some seriously scenic payoff). We never actually got to see Cuzco during the day.

Lessons learned: if your stomach has been funky for over a week, it probably isn't viral, so take Cipro.